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How voltage regulator is working

Regulator is used to regulate and control circuits, power supply for the machine to allow it to work properly, then we look at the regulator type and works.
    First, the single-phase voltage regulator direct Principle. Direct single-phase voltage regulator voltage regulator is to use the principle of autotransformer constitution, should be noted that when the input voltage when the output settings if this point is higher than 220V, the transformer will automatically work at reduced pressure state, but should the this is lower than the input voltage 220V, the transformer will automatically boost state to the next job. This differs from the regulator transformer place mainly by the input point A is between 0V to 250V arbitrary slip, so we can adjust the input voltage to the input voltage constant adjustments to meet.
    Secondly, the three-phase voltage regulator works. Three-phase voltage regulator working principle is to three relatively stable voltage unit connected to use, as long as you can achieve a stable output voltage. Three-phase voltage regulator wiper device is an electric motor to be adjusted independently, so the regulator is a three-phase sub-tuning regulator, that is exactly how they work and single-phase voltage regulator .
    How the regulator is to ensure a continuous output of it? Here we must use jargon to explain the regulator, the regulator in regulating the process to change the contact by moving the coil turns of brushes to achieve, this is the requirement to pay special attention to remain in the adjustment in contact with the coil, otherwise it will power off immediately.
Also, the home exchange regulator generally Simple, it is the increase in the basis of a control winding of a transformer on, and then applied to the windings through which a direct current to this, after the transformer core will today to semi-saturated state in adjusting the DC control current size, so this can be adjusted to achieve the core into saturation adjust the output voltage level.
    Popular talk regulator works is sliding rheostat working principle is the same, by adjusting the number of turns of the resistance wire access to change the electrical voltage across.