Dynamic Voltage Stabilizer (OptiV MAX II)

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  The prime function of OptiV MAX II dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is to reduce the voltage sags on power lines that supply power to sensitive equipments. The DVR is principally accountable for restoring the quality of voltage supplied to the end-user in case the voltage from the supply is not suitable to be used for sensitive devices. DVR allow consumers to isolate and protect devices from disturbances developed by sags and swells on the distribution network or power lines. Additionally, DVRs can also be used to address the trouble of harmonics generated by non-linear load in manufacturing machinery setup.

  Working principle
Cascade a compensated transformer between power supply and load,primary coil of the transformer could provide compensated voltage with same frequency,phase lock,voltage amplitude to keep output voltage stable.

Because of the dynamic compension of the inverter,DC power could provide power to inverter,if there is flash or voltage drop of grid voltage,inverter could compensate within 1ms.

PWM is base on sin. wave,it could compensate voltage harmonic wave effectively by collecting and comparision of voltage wave and standard wave,it will make sure that output THD less than 3%.