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As the demand for exotic travel experiences grows, resort developers are increasingly building in places where power quality is a significant issue including the Caribbean, Asia, South America and Africa.

With GridStone, resorts can now draw power from the local grid – even through extended brownouts.

Quiet Generators Equal Happy Guests.

Until recently, to ensure that essential operating and guest services could be maintained, facility engineers at hotels, resorts and casinos located in regions with an unreliable grid had no choice but to design backup systems that would kick in and supply independent power whenever voltage from the local utility fell below a safe range.

That meant burning diesel fuel and lots of it. It also meant fumes, noise and a less-than-pleasurable vacation experience, not only during blackouts, but also during brownouts.

Today, GridStone technology is changing the formula for backup power systems.

GridStone manufactures a full line of capable of reacting to, and completely compensating for variations in incoming voltage, within a single cycle. That means, no matter how dirty the local grid gets, its business as usual for you.

GridStone power conditioners allow facilities to ride through power fluctuations sags, surges and even extended brownouts,without ever switching to diesel generation. Depending upon location, GridStone power conditioners can pay for themselves in a little more than a year and thats just diesel cost alone! Add in fewer room comps, fewer negative reviews, more uptime for revenue-generating attractions and a higher-quality guest experience, and you have the formula for maximum profit.