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Power fluctuations are a major hidden source of costly data errors.

Major film studios, research institutions, data centers and other businesses that depend on ultra-clean power for time-intensive calculations and continuous processing shouldnt depend on battery-based UPS to protect them.

Sags, surges, swells, harmonic distortions and a host of related power anomalies are often overlooked sources of calculation-destroying errors.

Traditional battery-based uninterruptible power supplies, or UPSs, are designed to keep computers up during blackouts. They are not designed to protect against the power eventsthat can wreak havoc with your data in a matter of milliseconds.

The humble UPS may try valiantly, but something wear due to excessive switching, or batteries that fall out of spec, or simple lack of sensitivity will almost inevitably cause it to fail, right when its needed the most.

Get Serious About Data Integrity with GridStone.

GridStone manufacturer a full line of electronic voltage regulators (EVRs) , with patented microprocessor-controlled tap switching technology that offer far more reliable power protection than battery-based UPS.

Industrial-Grade Protection.

When you place a GridStone power conditioner between the grid and your critical equipment, you can be assured that common electrical anomalies, of any intensity or duration, will be stopped and corrected within a single cycle.