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How do you know the price regulator

We are in the process of electricity, will encounter more or less to voltage instability, volatility instant case, the regulator is to solve such problems arising. Many people are concerned about the procurement regulator regulator prices. But many brands available in the market regulator, the regulator's quality is uneven, so prices are quite different.
Regulators want to make sure of the prices, you need to determine what kind of regulator: Xi'an to know how much voltage is voltage divided 220v and 380v, 220v then we need menu-phase series regulator, 380v are three phases.
Also, be aware that the power regulator to bring the electrical equipment is how much. Computing power is not the power of each electrical equipment would like to add it, but also to determine the load is purely resistive load or inductive load, inductive load power needs to be multiplied by the corresponding multiples of the original, there are multiple different methods of calculation in accordance with different loads. Determine a good power, and then choose the regulator.
Expensive in general, the same power regulator, single-phase three-phase ratio; the greater the power, the higher the price.
These are just some simple parameters and associated regulator.
The best way, is in the procurement of the regulator, to conduct a comprehensive and suppliers to communicate, according to their own needs to choose the right load regulator, regular manufacturers as well as special customized service. Some users to save money do not listen to advice and insisted on selecting suppliers cheap regulator, which is a very dangerous practice.