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2015--2018 domestic market demand for amorphous transformers Analysis

Amorphous material mainly used in replacement of transformer core material (silicon steel, ferrite), belongs to a new generation of transformer core. Transformers can be classified according to the frequency frequency frequency (50hz or 60hz), intermediate frequency (60hz to 20khz), high frequency (20khz above), corresponding to the application of the main switching power supply transformer (primary medium and small power transformers, control transformers, filter inductor , energy storage inductors, reactors, magnetic amplifiers and saturable reactor core, core inductors, isdn miniature isolation transformer core, transformer core), transformer aviation, railway control system transformers, mechanical parts quenching equipment transformers, laser power transformer. Amorphous narrow strip on the main application of medium and high frequency power transformers and other products in this part of the market space is limited, to maintain their regular growth. Broadband amorphous material mainly used in the field of transmission and distribution transformers, distribution transformers in particular applications.
Related Industry analysts point out: manufacture of amorphous alloy transformer consumes more amorphous alloy strip, while the amorphous alloy transformer manufacturing process is also more complex, and thus high manufacturing costs. At current prices of raw materials and manufacturing hours worked, 30% more expensive amorphous alloy transformer market price is about the same level than the s9 type silicon steel transformer.
Amorphous alloy strip cost structure
November 20, 2012, the Ministry of Finance issued "saving products energy efficient distribution transformers promote the implementation details," after the subsidy and the price of amorphous alloy transformer silicon steel transformer s11 price tantamount expected demand will be substantially amorphous alloy transformer increase. 2014 amorphous alloy strip is no longer a constraint, as technology advances, the amorphous alloy strip is expected to cost less than the cost of silicon steel.
News agency issued "2014--2018 China's amorphous transformer industry market analysis and investment outlook report" shows that, despite the initial purchase price of amorphous alloy transformer s9 transformer expensive than conventional silicon steel, but if you take into account the amorphous alloy transformer with lower operating losses in the transformer to run a certain time (usually 5 years or so), transformers, energy-saving benefits can be higher than the purchase price difference with silicon steel transformer.
Power demand for amorphous transformers according to estimates, to 315 kVA transformer amorphous as the basis of measurement, 2014--2018 domestic annual demand of amorphous ribbons were 87 100, 112 400, 141 100, 193 400 and 227 500 Ton. Stabilizer